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Talent 21 aspires to create and maintain a very strong relationship with the organizations to keep on trot with the constantly changing business requirements, in turn this information is utilized to create tailored made resources with the right kind of skill sets, who are job ready from the word, go.

At Talent 21 we are committed to convert Paatshala(College) to Prayogshala(research and development centre), by re-inventing the pedagogy and implementing the project oriented pedagogy as result a student’s understanding of the business practices and life cycle will increase.

On Campus Resource Development ( OCRD) : Talent21 in partnership with the colleges and institutions identifies and trains the freshers as per the industry requirements, after the training program and internship the candidates are ready to be interviewed and hired if they fit the requirements and needs.

On Request Resource Development (ORRD) : Talent21 will also cater to specific requests of the organizations, we will identify and train the freshers as per the specified requirements, processes, skills and the tools with the focus to create plug and play resources.

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