With a keen focus on the industry’s consumerization trends and the evolving nature of healthcare technology

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As dynamic shifts revolutionize the healthcare industry today, the consultants of our Healthcare Practice serve as strategic advisors to a wide array of medical companies, helping them navigate the new opportunities, models, and competitors this transformation has brought into the field.

Our practice identifies and attracts leading executives, clinicians, and physicians who not only understand the forces shaping tomorrow’s products, services, payers, and patients, but also are adept at cost structure sustainability, interfacing with boards of directors, and making strategic investments in information technology and clinical programs.

The specialized processes and selective client nature employed by our consultants ensure our healthcare recruiting:

  • Reflects the nexus of the industry’s cutting-edge innovation and the complexity and changing stakeholders it faces;
  • Assesses thoroughly for the scientific, economic, social, and political skill-sets necessary for today’s successful healthcare executive; and
  • Incorporates the growing importance of analytics, consumer marketing, and patient access to care.

Select industry experience with a wide variety of healthcare companies includes:

  • Pharmaceuticals | prescription, biotechnology, and over-the-counter;
  • Medical | devices, diagnostics, and equipment; and
  • Organizations | managed care, hospitals, pharmacies, and home healthcare.

With a keen focus on the industry’s consumerization trends and the evolving nature of healthcare technology, typical assignments within the industry call on us to find senior executives who are:

  • Not fixated on healthcare reform;
  • Attentive to market pressures in the form of competition, Medicare and Medicaid payments, and consumer needs;
  • Believers in industry consolidation;
  • Bettors on technology investments; and
  • On the offensive as the marketplace shifts dramatically.

Client Speaks

Client Speaks