We as a prominent player in the consultancy sector, Automobile industry is one area where we have delivered quality for over 5 years. Starting from Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Administration, we provide manpower in Automobile industry.

We partner with automotive dealer groups across the UK, Middle East, Africa and Asia. We’re proud to consider some of the automotive industry’s most prestigious brands as our long-term clients.

The automotive recruitment specialist agencies are offering the sourcing of the relevant manpower for the automobile industries. Most of the automobile companies are looking for automotive recruitment consultants for meeting their crucial manpower needs.

Talent21 is a pioneer automotive recruitment consultant which excels the process of recruitment to deliver excellent services to the various organizations involved in automotive business.On the other hand, it provides the excellent job opportunities to the skilled candidates from automotive industry at various levels which appropriately match their skill-set and career objectives.

We have now become a well-known automotive recruitment agency for many of the top Automobile companies. Due to our expertise in this field, most of the companies are opting for our services. We never let down our clients. This has led to the spreading of our name.

    • Having served the top industry players, we are experts at delivering staffing and recruitment services at all recruitment levels.
    • We constantly strive to deliver value to our clients across all functional and specialized automotive disciplines.
    • As premium Automobile recruitment consultant, we meticulously screen test engineers, project managers, designers, CAD technicians, Radiator Mechanics, traders, suppliers, and support personnel for hiring the best human resources for your organization.
    • Our collaborative recruitment solution lowers time-to- hire, reduces recruitment costs, and improves efficiency of recruitment process.

We have specialized team dedicated for Automobile sector recruitment.