Ongoing talent development is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage over one’s competition. Recruiting the right executives is only the start of a talent management partnershipwith talent21. We use a method that provides a unique perspective regarding culture, leadership, team and performance “fit”. And our integration methodology ensures that new leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without breaking stride. For over several years, companies from different part of the world have relied on talent21 to build successful leadership teams. In-depth domain experience combined with a unique approach to talent acquisition and development allows us to build winning relationships with clients.

In addition talent21’s Leadership Consulting Team creates organization-specific leadership strategies, which allows organizations to implement the business strategy and realize growth ambitions. This enhances performance by improving the effectiveness of the Executive Leadership, and thereby of the organization.talent21’s consulting solutions are delivered by highly experienced professionals who have access to research-based intellectual property, methodologies and cutting-edge tools.Leadership Consulting is a global practice, offering consulting in the following areas amongst others:

  • CEO & Top Team Effectiveness - Our focus is to enhance the performance and development of key individuals and teams, to deliver more effectively on the organization and business goals.
    • Succession Planning - A comprehensive talent review, assess candidates, benchmark talent; make recommendations for deployment, development and talent acquisition.
    • High Potential Identification - To identify the next generation of leaders in the organization, and develop them to take on higher responsibility.
    • Leadership Development/Coaching - Assess and coach executives (typically high potentials, key players or people in new roles) to accelerate their development and improve their job performance.
    • Leadership Assessment during M & A - Assess the management team of the target company, prior to (due diligence) or shortly after the closing to objectively recommend the best team and prepare and manage cultural integration.